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Welcome, cherished friend. I am Andrea, a passionate fine-art wedding photographer serving  30A, Tampa, and Orlando. Allow me to introduce you to someone extraordinary, my beloved grandmother, Lillian Rose. For an awe-inspiring 70 years, she and my grandfather shared a bond that was truly life giving. Their love story has forever touched my heart and serves as a constant inspiration.

As you embark on the journey of your wedding day, a milestone that marks the beginning of your love story, I am filled with immense joy at the thought of joining you on this wondrous adventure. Together, let us create tangible memories that will be eternally cherished.

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In the stillness of a single frame, let the elegance of your love be eternally preserved, emanating a radiance that illuminates not only your lives but the souls of all who behold these captured moments.  Contact us today, and let us celebrate the extraordinary bond you share in a manner that shall be forever treasured. Together, let us weave imagery that will evoke emotions, ignite cherished memories, and celebrate the exquisite bond that unites your hearts.

Indulge in your most precious memories
by Preserving Your Unique Love Story